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Five Fantastic Sites for Getting Cheap Creative Deals

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Being a creative individual can be a costly exercise when it comes to sourcing content for projects. Sure, you could sit there and painfully spend your precious time creating your own, or you can take the easy route and pay for it.

Here are five fantastic sites to get cheap creative deals.

1. Design Cuts

Design Cuts puts out a new deal every few weeks, and they always smash it out of the park. I’ve been buying products off their site for years now. Whenever they release a deal they run a couple of tutorials to show you how you could utilise some of the items in the bundle, and create a freebie pack with those items, so you can follow the tutorials.

Design Cuts have cost me hundreds of dollars over the years, but they have saved me thousands.

2. Creative Market

One of the biggest players in the creative assets market, and these days it’s one of the first places I go if I’m looking for decent products. You can get a lot of different things on Creative Market, including photos, graphics, templates, themes and fonts, all at very reasonable prices. Each week they offer four freebies, and they never disappoint. Well worth signing up to their newsletter and/or Facebook page so you don’t miss out on the details.

3. Deal Jumbo

Deal Jumbo offers several bundles at a time, all of which save you a lot of money on buying the items separately, and they have a Freebies page with PSD mockups, backgrounds, icons and templates.

4. Mighty Deals

Mighty Deals is another site offering bundled packages, and they currently have some awesome typography packs available for purchase (and we all know how expensive nice fonts can get!). They also have discounted courses available for learning web and graphic design.

5. Inky Deals

Like Mighty Deals, Inky Deals has several bundles available at one time, along with a page of freebies. From a visual perspective it isn’t compelling as the other sites, but really, who cares when you can save yourself time and money with the deals they have available?

6. Bonus site: Envato Elements

I’m adding this one in because if you’re a regular purchaser of design assets for different projects, you know it can still add up quickly. I have a subscription to Envato Elements, which I mostly use for mockups, premium photos, and icons. You can also access royalty free videos, music and sound effects; fonts; templates; add-ons for design software, and more. The music is really useful if you’re editing podcasts and videos for clients. It’s money well spent, and it’s usually a real time saver over scrolling through free stock photo sites. I especially like that you can assign licenses to projects so you can keep track of exactly the item was downloaded for.

The Mighty Deals, Creative Market, and Envato Elements links are affiliate links. That means that if you buy something on their site after clicking their links above, I’ll get a small kickback for sending you their way. If you don’t want to use the affiliate link, you can simply go to these alternative links and my affiliate reference won’t be attached: Mighty Deals Homepage | Creative Market | Envato Elements

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