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Web design & development

Websites are now assessed for correct structure, performance and accessibility. Having your website meet these metrics improves user experience and search engine optimisation, and passes Google’s tests for web vitals.

Websites that perform for your business, and your clients.

The longer your website takes to load, the more your business is being penalised.

Websites that are built with correct structure and remain lightweight not only save you money on hosting costs, but they improve user experience, and increase conversions for your business. People have have little patience, and in this world that is driven by high mobile usage, data transfer matters. People will leave your website prematurely if it takes too long to load.

Page speed is also a metric assessed by Google as part of its Core Web Vitals, and is a ranking factor in search results.

Jan Henry Design Ltd takes performance seriously in its website builds, and uses best practices for lightweight sites that improve results for your business.

Woman using a laptop, viewing Core Web Vitals scores for a website
A woman uses a special magnification device for the visually impaired.


Accessibility means making the web accessible for everyone, regardless of their ability or disability. Making websites accessible to all not only benefits people with disabilities, but it also makes websites a more enjoyable experience for everyone who uses the internet.

Additionally, the process of making websites more accessible involves using correct structure on the page, which helps with SEO performance. Accessibility is reviewed by Google as part of their Core Web Vitals.

Jan Henry Design Ltd uses a number of testing methods during the website build process (or as a tech support service for older websites). Utilising automated tools, screen readers and manual checks, we aim to ensure your website meets or exceeds Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Level AA.

Digital Sustainability

The internet consumes 416.2TWh of electricity per year (and growing!). That’s…a lot. And while the internet isn’t going away, you can make strategic decisions on how you use the internet – from the size of your websites, to how much data and information you store online in the cloud.

Jan Henry Design Ltd builds clean, lightweight websites for small, service-based businesses that have a reduced carbon footprint over that of typical websites. This involves a multi-faceted approach that includes:

  • strategy
  • site-mapping
  • careful consideration of the needs of your website
  • restricting the website’s tech stack and design to only what’s necessary
  • recommending hosting that uses renewable energy sources.

Your website will have only what you need, and nothing that you don’t.

If this sounds like you and is in line with your business values, let’s work together.

“The best part about working with Jan has been the confidence I can have in her ability to create something I want, but with her expertise guiding me. Her proactive approach allows her to get to know her clients in a way that you know she is invested in your business idea as a whole, not just how your website looks.”
– Lydia Nuttall, Lifestyle Food & Nutrition