I collaborate with business owners to develop the best website design possible, while providing ongoing support for their business needs, at any given point.

Jan Henry of Jan Henry Design

I’ve helped coaches, independent publishers, beauty therapists, doulas, crafters, sports teams, brick and mortar businesses and food professionals navigate the online world with web design, virtual assistance and/or training that met their individual needs.

Together, we determine your needs, goals and technical limits. I take care of the technical gobbledegook, and show you how to manage the basics of running your site.

The best part about working with Jan has been the confidence I can have in her ability to create something I want, but with her expertise guiding me. Her proactive approach allows her to get to know her clients in a way that you know she is invested in your business idea as a whole, not just how your website looks.
Lydia Nuttall | Harvest Kitchen

What you will get from working with me:

  • Someone who is invested in your business success, just as much as you are. A colleague, rather than just an independent contractor.
  • A website and other content that you are proud to show off and will receive positive feedback on.
  • A website that stimulates new business.
  • Someone that saves you time and frustration by taking care of your website and also other tech and design projects. One person, one place.
  • Someone that will show you how to manage the basics of your site alone, so you can make small changes as you need to.


I build close relationships with my clients, which usually result in friendships, occasional Skype calls involving glasses of wine, and humorous, off-track conversations. If that sounds like your kind of thing, you’re in the right place. If you like receiving useful suggestions for your business-because I spend a lot of time reading and researching online, and I often find goodies, you’re in the right place. If you appreciate honesty, objectivity, and critical thinking, you’re definitely in the right place.

A couple of awesome clients I’ve helped:
Soulful Skin | Harvest Kitchen | Sublime Tanning Hair & Beauty

Jan was a godsend to work with, without her I wouldn’t even have a website up. As our working relationship developed she truly understood the vision I had for my site and brand and she was able to make that come alive for me. She was professional, patient with all my questions and most importantly she wanted to make sure that I was happy with the end result.
Anna Laugesen | Soulful Skin

A little about me:

I like coffee. A lot. It’s best not to expect too much productivity before my first cup of the day. I need to inhale the aroma and savour the flavour. I like to fight for a good cause. I was one of the founding members of a little pet rescue organisation, CQ Pet Rescue Inc. I spent just over two years as the Secretary before stepping down. I’m a learning junkie. I’m most fulfilled when I’m arming myself with new knowledge. My first role in customer service was in 2000. I have worked in the food industry, tourism, administration, retail, online marketing, banking, and have a university background in zoology, geography and marine science.